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Filming in Italy

filming in Italy

Italy is one of world's most perfect countries for shooting films and commercials. Scenic landscapes, vineyards, mountains, idyllic cities like Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples and the most beautiful seaside towns. With long summer, breath-taking scenery and stunning architecture, Italy ranks high as a filming location.

Foreign production companies who choose to shoot in Italy, working with an Italian executive production company, can benefit from the tax credit granted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Italian tax credit for foreign companies determines a 25% reduction of the costs spent in the Italian territory.

Italy has a largely temperate climate with regional variations. The northern mountain regions get heavy snowfalls in winter and are warm with occasional rainfall in the summer. The central regions are a little bit more humid. The south is dry and hot. The warmest and most reliable weather is from April to June or from September to October. Shooting in July and August is best avoided because is when most Italians go on holiday.

Italy is not a difficult place to get permits but procedures and regulations vary from one city/province to another, so it is advisable to give authorities plenty of notice where possible. Local know how is paramount in Italy and foreign productions are advised to use qualified native companies to manage bureaucratic matters.
Permits are granted by relevant city halls with regulations and fees varying from one area to another. It is possible to negotiate directly with private property owners, but to film in public areas and buildings you need the relevant city’s authority.
We will be happy to assist you in requesting your filming permits, using our location experience to avoid hassles and excessive costs. Once authorized, we will pick it up for you and send it over to wherever you are.